Critical Text About Artworks with Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos in Magazine "Projetto Arte" by Art Critics and Historian Alessandro Costanza


The Art of Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos captures all the charm of a technique from original touch and multi -faceted. The concepts presented are the result of meticulous mind and refined combining the pastel colors in reality epic and sometimes tone fairytale. Beautiful pictorial representations that lead the viewer to actually far from everyday life. Enhanced places, beautiful moments of love peace, make the viewer precious moments of tranquility and inner well - being. From a professional point of view, Marija Tanaskovic - Papadopoulos is the perfect example of multifaceted artist. It is expressed through painting and photography, as well as sculpture. It is a figurative art that includes a melodic tone of almost every hue, imprinted in pictorial support. An original medium that overcomes the ideas of imagination, and let if flow the creative imagination in the highest quality, which allows to externalized the emotions felt and lived. Emotions that the viewer of her works captures and tests in person, as soon as you stop thinking how you admire these
beautiful master pieces.

By Alessandro Costanza
Art And Historian