Golden Palm of Monte Carlo 2016


The prestigious recognition was given by critical commission for Marija's artistic creativity. Artworks presented on bienalle were peace Beam - pastel and Greek Legend Illustration Europa and Poseidon. The award is obtained  for its creative abilities and for its proven permanence in the field of art. The International Critical commission of ArtExpò Gallery was present at the prize delivery. The Golden Palm, biennial event of Art, here in its fourth edition, is the right recognition for its professionalism, research and creativity.
The award ceremony too place  on 24 September 2016 in the salon sincerity of the prestigious
Monte-Carlo Bay, at 16.00 p.m.
The members of the Commission will be attending the ceremony, composed of:

Jean Charles Spina (President of the Commission and ART director GS Communication-Nice),
Michel Verdant (Director of Galleries Victoria-Cannes),
Bachelor (critic and director ArtExpò Gallery, Massimo Basile (art Director-Lugano),
Vincenzo Cheta (Director Biancoscuro Art magazine),
Daniela Malabaila (editor-in-chief Biancoscuro Art magazine),
Elena Cicchetti (President Art in the World),
Francesco Cheta (publisher Effeci Arte Collectables),
Maurizio Garcia (Galleria Garcia Arte-Brescia);
Herald van der Westhuizen (art historian); Giampaolo Curti (Art estimator).
The ceremony was advertised through the partnership with the Biancoscuro Art magazine, active in Italy and abroad. In addition, on our website and on the Facebook page will be published the photos with the most significant moments of the awards.
Three great international artists attended the awards ceremony: Patrick Moya, Monique Thibaudin and Giorgio. The award ceremony of the Palme d'or for Art, is set for the day 24 September 2016, at 16.00 p.m. at the prestigious Monte-Carlo Bay in the Salon sincerity.