international award The David of Bernini in 2015


The event is in Lecce (Italy), Thursday, December 17, 2015.Β 
The special honor and international recognition by Italian cultural intelectual cream society, this time comes from city of Lecce that will have a huge even in December of 2016 similar to Apollo award event in 2013. At both events and with both awards I am proudly presenting the state of Serbia, country where I came from, where I finished my studies at university of Fine Arts in Belgrade and where I got all the strength I need, and inspiration I need, and ideas and love for creation.  Also, I present United States of America where I live today and create my art in peace.

The Special Prize for Human Rights in 2015 Tribute to "Anne Frank"

Maria Tana Designs recognition for art and science and for human rights by academia Italia in Arte for her Maria Tana Designs David of Bernini and Ana Frank Award came well deserved for Art and for Science as well as for human rights in hands of Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos

david bernini.png