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Artist Biography:

Marija was born in Belgrade/ Serbia in 1976 where she graduated at the University of Fine Arts in 2001 as a Sculptor. Since 2004 she lives in Chicago with her husband, where she is working in art studio as a fine artist and as a graphic and web designer, too. She is multimedia artist. Marija is sculpturing in terracotta, and also in 3D programs for sculpturing, she is painting oil on canvas, digital paintings, pastels and water colors. She is illustrator and a photographer, as well.

Tanaskovic obtained the highest recognition and many very important awards for her art from the world of renewed critics and curators in Italy, Canada and United States, Latino America, South Korea, and Serbia. The international critics placed her among the Best Contemporary Artists of the 21 century in many important books and publications.

  • 2009 Southern Nevada Museum of Contemporary Art - International contemporary Masters #3 book curated by Despina Tunberg. Artwork kept in the Museum Pastel is the painting “Bridge”- Soft Pastel, Framed. The Books by the same curator were Important Artist of the world , which has the Painting Bridge on the cover, and Dictionary of Artists

  • 2010 New York Arts Magazine - She was selected and presented in the Magazine, Broadway Gallery and New York Art Magazine web site as one of the top 10 artists according to the popularity on internet among art lovers.
    Selection was made by Basak Malone and Abraham Lubelski

  • 2013 ATIM Top 60 Contemporary Masters curated by Viviana Puello - Presented Selection f the artist made by Critics that were presenting the new group of leading masters in 21 century. Art Tour International Magazine has annual selection, but 2011 was the first one.

  • (2012 -2017 ... ) Effeto Arte Magazinev- Recognized Marija as one of the best contemporary artist in 21 century. She was presented in that group of artists by curators who gave her recognitions, as presentations in the magazines, books, catalogs. These recognition were given as a wards by Francesco Saverio Russo, Salvatore Russo "Best Modern and Contempray Artists Book" , Sandro Seradfalco and Paolo Levi's Effeto Art magazine and By Vitorio Sgabi, in his selection of Artists for the book "Atisti" and for web site . The receptions where held as important public events of culture, mostly in Italy but Also in London UK and Berlin, Germany. Italy is the place where Many international critics recognized this artist: These critic belong to many different organization of culture: Academia Italia in Arte, Art Expo Gallery, Studio Byblos, Galleria Colctionsta , Foundatione Costanza ...

  • Europe Art Museum that is gathering artist for all over the Europe continent in an educated group and specific group of people that are presenting art movement , art styles and their influences at the beginning of 21 century. The museum gathered the artists that painted the new history of art from 2000- 2025 . Special thank to Leif Nielsen, famous Denmark fine artist who is the main organizer of this interesting museum. Web site presents the countries where artist are from, in order to analyze and connect the style from the past with new development through history of art that is continuing though this people's art .This story is is connected to the place of artists' birth and their lives. The artwork of Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos that is museum is photography" Portrait in the Mirror 2004" - Presenting the country of Serbia.

  • (2016 -2017...) South Korean Exhibition in 2016 in Hagaemang Museum of Nature, and Human Coexistence , brought to the light to the environmental issues on our planet. "Drawing the Environment with A"rt was a big group exhibition where Marija send her "The Eye of The Sky" that was permanently kept in the museum. This was the honor that all the artists that participated have. But only selected group had the opportunity and to earn the certificate of Art director as Masters of their medium. Maria is a an certified expert member of the Art Committee of International Culture and Arts federation in the field of painting.

    South Koean Exhibition in Incheon in 2016 and 2017 got her the special prize two time. First time was for the artwork "Deep Dive"2016 and second time for the artwork "White Pigeon". The Seujong Centre in Seoul was showing her work "Water, Soul and Meaning of Clarity" as the part of a big exhibition of artists selected by big committee of art professional s in South Korea. All exhibitions were juried and Awards were presented officially in Seoul. Special Thank to Yoo Cheng Yeul, famous Korean fine artist, who gave a great effort to organize and select artists for all these exhibitions.