Oscar Del' Arte by Art Expo Galley in 2017

Mone Carlo Bay- Hotel Resort

The critical commission of Art Expo Gallery for years now included in the Art World , in collaboration with Bianscuro Art Magazine of Pavia , is pleased to report that the artistic creativity was rewarded with the award of the prestigious “Oscar Dell Arte”. Tanaskovic  Artwork presented on the biennial and in the catalog was terracotta Slava- the ancient Slavic goddess of Glory

The prize is awarded for its creative abilities and permanence in the Art Field. The Art Expo Gallery International Critical Commission will be present at the award ceremony. Oscar Prize , Biennial Art Appointment, now at the ninth edition, is the right recognition for its professionalism , research and creativity.
The awards took place on October 14, 2017 in Monte Carlo Bay, at 3.30 pm.
Members of the commission will attend the ceremony, consisting of:
Mariarosaria Begiovine (President della Commissione, Critico e Direttore ArtExpo Gallery),
Vicenzio Chetta (Direttore Biancoscuro Art magazine)
Michel Verdant (Direttore Gallerie Victoria – Cannes)
Daniela Malabalia ( Caporeedattore Biancoscuro Art Magazine)
Oxana Albot (Critice e storico dell’ arte)
Ellena Cicchetti (Critico e Presidente associazione Art in the World)
Francesco Chetta (Editore Effeci arte Collezionismo)
Eraldo Vinciguerra (Storico Dell Arte)
Gian Paolo Curti (Estimatore d Arte)
Sergio Mazzoni (Collezionista)

The ceremony will be publicized through the partnership with the  Art magazine BIANSCURO, active in Italy and abroad . Also , on our web site and facebook page is released the important  details from the ceremony
Three major artist were present  at the ceremony of prize giving: Patrick Moya and Monique Thibaudin and Giorio Laveri. The award ceremony was accompanied by the video projection of the works. All artists received the Oscar Academy Award of Art Expo gallery with diploma and critical motivation.

The Biennial Award for the visual Arts will be validated by the diploma of Honnor, signed by the personalities of the international Commission of Artexpo Gallery and the Official catalog by BIANCOSCURO.
For this edition of the Academy Awards the award-winning works of the commission is published in the official catalog, and is included in the fee. It will also be sent to the mayor of the town of residence of the artist , the communication prize office, to share with municipal and cultural authorities , the Award of The Prize to the Artist.