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Artist Statement

As a matter of fact, the strongest impressions usually cannot be described by words, but by the nonverbal communication, where the visual arts belongs at the first place. I came up with the conclusion that the Great Works of Art, did not make people only spiritually enriched, but they are the major contributors to our civilization. Great works of Art are reflecting not only our impressions about them, but the deepest wishes, which are following every human being.
Through my education and many years of work I found out that the Visual Art is all about passing that energy to other people through her symbols and vibration of : lines, color wave lengths and shapes in the surrounding space, while the meaning of the artwork is not only what composition actually presents, but a specifics coded structure of that art piece, that makes a human being able to notice a beauty as a source of harmony.
Changing the mood in the observer and trying to shift his thought process, to make him think positive by exposing that person to my creations, is only one of many things I am trying to achieve. I am not looking only for the psychological influence of the visual adds that are carrying the aesthetic value, visual harmony (Beauty), but my goal is actually to show that the achieved visual harmony in the art piece was created by following a rule of shaping that art form in many different ways (“code”) so that the educated observer will not only be inspired to see it as art, but in the same time to translate its purpose on the language of the modern science.
— Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos

additional conclusion and explanation of the artist statement and introduction to videos and articles :

Today's achievements of modern medicine, chemistry, psychology, can include the contemporary visual art as one of the sources for decoding the cure for many different diseases and much more than that.
As a matter of fact, Quantum physics that defines the particle as the universal starting point for philosophical and mathematical analysis, is holding the “observer” as a vehicle of electromagnetic waves that is caring electrons of energy dispersed in logical order, as the light we see.
As a matter of fact, the order of electrons is, also, scientifically proven and known today as the “wave interference.” That means that every single "thought" is made out of electromagnetic waves, which are rated through the observer's brain as a specific structure that has a specific vibration and radiation. Our brain is a mechanism to notice, decide and influence the surroundings in a way that we can discover, by ourselves, by our own experience.
However, the electrons that surrounds us can multiply thanks to the brain waves because they are electro-magnetic in their nature, but they are created by our brain, which are triggering a new wave interference every time we observe something . It is Logical that the reach of the "waves" presented through the "interference pattern", is increasing through time. This means that thoughts can spread within and over the bounders of our life, and have a crucial influence everywhere by their radiation.
Having beautiful and peaceful thoughts means deserving and getting the best in life.
The knowledge can help to achieve that state of mind .
So, Art could be understood as the knowledge stored for new science turnaround towards the new energy, which exist within us, and it could be, also, triggered by some visual adds if they would carry the powerful "aesthetic code" .
Today it is known that the human brain is using less than 10 % of its capacity and nothing more than that has been scientifically proven yet. However, by exploring art, we could move our understanding of the way we are living today because Art was always opening new doors of our psyche that we never even knew, existed....
Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos

Following articles and videos are here to explain and support the artist statement in different examples proven by science and philosophy :

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